Skincare with your skin in mind.

Overwhelmed with the multitude of products that didn’t work and shocked at the chemicals found in most skincare products, we formulated our own. Simple and natural. Without adding chemicals, irritating colours or scents. We know what it’s like struggling to find relief from eczema, rosacea & chronic dry skin. Relief is just around the corner. We know our products work – we’ve watched thousands of customers have success with them.

The secret is simple.

What’s our secret? It’s not just what’s inside, it’s also what’s not. You’ll find natural, organic & fair-trade ingredients without any chemicals, preservatives or scents. Using clean & natural ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin, we developed four products designed for sensitive skin on all parts of your body. Use them together as a complete solution or on their own.

We know you’ll find relief from dry skin too!

Try Glacier Natural Skincare out for yourself. 

Bar Soap

For Sensitive Skin


Liquid Soap

For Sensitive Skin


Body Cream

For Sensitive Skin


Face Cream

For Sensitive Skin


Here’s the total package!

Our complete line of sensitive skincare. From your head to your toes!

Designed to work together, the gentle cleansing powers of our luxurious soaps and the extra-moisturizing creams soothe and heal extra dry skin and eczema. Each one is specifically designed to treat and heal chronic dry skin conditions like eczema on targeted areas of skin.

Safe for sensitive skin, without preservatives or scents. Your skin will love the simplicity of our formulas and you’ll love finding relief.

Package contains:

  • 1 Relief Calendula Body Cream Tube
  • 1 Calendula & Tamanu Face Cream
  • 1 Calendula Infused Shea & Cocoa Butter Bar Soap
  • 1 Refresh Foaming Liquid Soap

You asked, we’ve delivered! Right to your door…

We’ve made our foaming liquid soap available in a 946 ML refill pack!

Same naturally luxurious coconut & avocado soap base that whips up into an ultra-moisturizing foam. Save some money, get a little more soap and reduce the amount of plastic at the same time. This soap MUST be used in a foaming soap dispenser so be sure to keep your original bottle, or start by ordering the handy starter pack.

Or, shop all liquid foaming soap here…

Gentle and safe for kids, powerful enough for adults.

Our sensitive skin creams and soaps were designed over 14 years ago to heal eczema in children. After achieving great results treating and healing children’s eczema, we started hearing stories of people using our products for all kinds of extra dry skin problems. Because of the simplicity of these natural formulas, people across North America & Europe have been finding relief from their sensitive skin issues.  Without harsh additives or ingredients we are able to provide a powerful solution for seriously dry skin – anywhere on your body.

cream for babies

Pure. Clean. Powerful relief from eczema & dry skin.

If you suffer from eczema or extreme dry skin conditions, you know the pain and frustration that comes with trying to find a product that won’t cause a reaction and might actually heal your skin. Relief is just around the corner. We know our products work – we’ve watched thousands of people have success with them.

Made from scratch using ingredients  like shea & cocoa butters as well as avocado, organic coconut, olive and castor oils. No crazy additives you have to decipher – just pure, clean and simple relief. And since we don’t mass produce our formulas, each small batch is made fresh, without any preservatives.

Let us get under your skin!

You don’t need to have eczema to use these skincare products – in fact, they work wonders on any super dry skin. We have skiers using the body cream for chronic winter chapped lips or Moms using the face cream as a spot treatment for skin flare ups on their baby. And when it comes to hands, well the body cream is about the best thing a gardener could add to their kitchen sink – it heals cracked and super dry hands!

No matter where your skin is shouting for help, our powerful and simple formulas work by providing immediate moisturizing relief through the luxurious oils and butters. Next, the gentle yet powerful botanicals provide an immediate boost  to your skin by invigorating circulation, collagen production, moisture retention and healing in skin cells.

natural skincare

It’s not just what’s in a formula, it’s also what’s not.

While most commercially made skincare for eczema and sensitive skin contains fillers, scents and preservatives that act as irritants – ours is handmade here in the beautiful Columbia Valley of BC, in small batches without any chemical preservatives or scents.  Because we make ours fresh and frequently, we don’t use preservatives, making it wonderful for your skin and easily absorbed. We also use powerful botanicals like calendula and tamanu oil in our creams to promote circulation and healing.

The results? Clean and effective relief for your skin.

Glacier Soap has been relieving the symptoms of eczema, rosacea and dry itchy skin for over 14 years.

Offering nourishing and ultra-moisturizing eczema products for all skin types. Our natural soaps & creams boost moisture retention, provide relief from  inflamed skin, and finally increase blood circulation in the affected area.

Gentle and effective for everyone – from babies to adults – we can bring you relief too!


We promise you can read our ingredient list! No seven-word ingredients here. Because we make our soaps and creams fresh and frequently, we don’t need to use preservatives, which are where many of the worst culprits come from. Contains no urea, lanolin or parabens. Fragrance and colourant free also. Just pure natural ingredients for your skin!


Our soaps and creams are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin sensitivities and ages – even babies! Made from clean and fresh ingredients, you can feel confident that they won’t cause a reaction, even on cracked or flared up skin. We’ve heard from thousands of happy customers that they finally found a solution for their suffering using our products. You can use anywhere externally that you have skin trouble.


Botanicals like calendula bring soothing gentle relief to your skin while boosting circulation and reducing inflammation. Exotic tamanu oil is an often overlooked super oil. It promotes healing and scar prevention and has been used for many years to heal skin issues. Paired up with lush oils like avocado, coconut and rice bran our formulas bring nature’s superpowers to your irritated, dry and itchy skin.

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