The Eczema Diet: Foods to Avoid

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Eczema and rosacea are skin conditions that millions of people around the world struggle with each day. There are many ways to alleviate the symptoms, which include dry, scaly skin and lesions. For patients, certain foods may cause flare-ups and food allergies, thus maintaining a rosacea or eczema diet will improve the condition.

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Most people suffering from eczema are allergic to certain foods; some only one, two or at the most three. Probable items are milk, gluten, nuts, soy products, eggs, and seafood. You can limit your intake of these foods for a week and see if there are changes.

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Alternatively, next time your skin clears up, try consuming the food you suspect; pay attention to any redness on the face. If a particular food causes irritations or swelling, eliminate it and keep doing this to create your customized eczema diet. Please note you don’t have to be allergic to a specific food for it to increase the reactions.

eczema diet, foods to avoid with eczema and rosacea, eczema

Which food are you allergic to?

Additional Foods Not Suitable for the Eczema Diet

Processed foods containing preservatives and artificial ingredients should not feature on the diet of a baby or adult suffering from the skin conditions. The components are may exuberate the reactions. Examples of foods to exclude are fast foods, margarine, cakes, and soft drinks.


eczema diet, foods to avoid with eczema and rosacea, eczema

Fast food: Not the right choice


Rosacea Diet

Consumption of spicy foods, drinking coffee and caffeine are top triggers of rosacea. Also, specific allergies may go unnoticed since they cause mild reactions.  Eliminate seafood, nuts, and eggs, which are likely causes of allergies.

Gluten found in grains can also increase the occurrence of allergies since it leads to the leaky gut syndrome, which remains undiagnosed in millions of people. Persons with the illness have small pores in their small intestines. Thus, toxins and foreign material enter directly into the bloodstream causing inflammations.

Sugary foods also cause inflammation in the body and have been shown to increase reactions in patients with rosacea. Thus, avoid them, and instead consume fruits.


Ideal Foods for Rosacea and Eczema Diet

No matter your health condition eating anti-inflammatory foods will keep you from diseases. Fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, oils, and fish rich in Omega-3 acids not only reduce the inflammations but improve health.


Other Solutions


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A natural approach towards treating and curing eczema and rosacea will not leave you frustrated. In addition to a healthy eczema diet, another recommended cure is bathing with natural soaps.

Take note that ordinary soaps may deteriorate the ability of the skin to retain moisture. Our natural soaps have a high amount of oils that keeps the skin supple by restoring its moisture content. After bathing, applying a natural skin moisturizer on the dry patches (hands, face, and feet) creates an additional barrier. This layer of protection prevents the loss of water, keeping the skin moist, and itch-free.

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Also, our natural products feature oils from the plants such avocado, calendula, coconut, castor, and cocoa. These nutrients are readily absorbed by the dry, scaly skin, directly to where they are needed most. Try our range of natural creams and soaps, combined with an eczema diet and see the difference.

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