About Glacier Soap Company Inc.

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Inspired by nature. Powerful results.

From producing the small batch handmade skincare products, to the inspiration for them; Invermere BC has been home to Glacier Soap Inc. for over 12 years. Growing up among the stunning Rocky and Purcell Mountain ranges, Glacier Soap’s founder has always had a love and appreciation for nature. When his daughter Laura developed eczema at an early age, with no relief to be found among mainstream products, he began developing the line of dry skin care products that is now Glacier Soap’s Sensitive Skin Line. After seeing the incredible results that his daughter had with these products, expansion came next to provide such an effective and pure solution to the people who needed it.

Pure nature, pure skin.

By studying natural ingredients including botanicals like calendula combined with lush natural oils and butters the venture into crafting an extra moisturizing treatment for eczema began. Hundreds of test batches later, the sensitive skin line emerged. By using only natural ingredients in the luxurious moisturizing formulas, a powerfully effective solution was made for dry itchy skin, eczema, rosacea and other skin troubles. Safe for all ages, from babies to adults, these skincare products provide relief for all types of chronic dry skin.

Natural, organic* and fair trade* ingredients, no preservatives, no scents or colors, never tested on animals.


*when supplies can be sourced we use organic and fair trade raw ingredients

Let us get under your skin!

You don’t have to have eczema to use these skincare products, in fact they work wonders on pretty much any super dry skin. We have people who use the body cream for chronic chapped lips from skiing in the winter and people using the face cream as a spot treatment for flare up skin over their arms and legs. What matters is that the powerful and simple formulas provide a boost of immediate relief to your skin, while the botanicals promote and invigorate healing skin cells and reduced inflammation.

Today, Laura is a happy young girl, enjoying life to the fullest with the knowledge that she has a father who cared enough to find nature’s solution for her skin condition.

natural skin care, eczema, rosacea, dry skin, bar soap, cream

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